The Things You Should Not Do After Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a great way to restore your oral health and improve the health of your smile. However, that’s only the case if you take the recovery process seriously and heal properly. So, please remember to follow your dentist, Dr. ’s, instructions so you can have a top-notch mouth. To help you, our dental… Read more »

What Should I Do If a Disaster Strikes and I Can’t Contact My Dentist?

When you develop a disaster plan for your family, it’s important to keep your oral health in mind. If a natural disaster occurs, there is a good chance your dentist won’t be able to be reached. This can be quite troubling if you are having problems with your smile. So, at this point, it’s best… Read more »

Smile Maker: Optimum Oral Health Care Methods

Keeping your mouth away from the dangers of our world is easier than you think. There are numerous helpful treatments available to keep your smile safe. Listed below are a few excellent oral health care tips and techniques to implement to ensure your smile lasts as long as you do: – Brush your teeth twice-daily…. Read more »

A Dental Bridge Can Restore Your Missing Tooth

When one of your teeth is lost to an untreated cavity or an accident, tt can affect how your mouth functions and can also affect the quality of your life. Even if you learn to live with the decreased ability to chew, the space in your mouth can change your appearance, cause you to slur… Read more »

What Is the ADA Seal of Acceptance?

We’ve all heard about brushing our teeth twice a day and flossing once a day as the basis for oral hygiene. But who makes these guidelines?  The American Dental Association provides a number of guidelines and daily recommendations to help you maintain the health of your mouth throughout your life. Not all oral hygiene products… Read more »

The Effects of Dental Bonding

Do you know what dental bonding is? Do you know of the effects that dental bonding can have on your teeth? Dental bonding is a form of tooth restoration and cosmetic dentistry that can improve the look and safety of your teeth. Dental bonding treatments use resin and porcelain materials to improve your smile by… Read more »

A Partial Denture Needs Daily Care and Good Oral Hygiene

For many people, a partial denture is a highly effective method for replacing the function and presence of multiple missing teeth. This miniature version of complete dentures is set into a pink material that mimics the natural appearance of your gums. Many partial dentures are created with interlocking wires that secure their location with the… Read more »

The Importance of Oral Health Care Exams

Have you remembered your six-month checkup yet with your dentist, Dr. ? If not, we have great news for you! Our team here at in , , is happy to remind you of the importance of your oral health care exams and why it’s time to come in for a dental checkup! To begin, dental… Read more »

Various Foods and Activities Can Damage Your Teeth

Did you know that hidden dangers exist all around you that can damage your precious teeth and gums? Various foods and activities can damage your teeth if you are not careful. Listed below are a few common dangers to your smile, as well as a few tips to help prevent them from occurring: – Always… Read more »

The Things Behind a Discolored and Stained Smile

Unfortunately, stained smiles are common. This is because there are many things that tend to discolor your chompers. However, there is no need to worry. If your smile is dull, dark, or yellow, Dr. and our dental team offer teeth-whitening treatments at our office that can help you return to the beautiful smile you deserve…. Read more »