Are your curious about what our patients experience at Mission Ranch Dental Aesthetics? If so, feel free to read the reviews generously provided by current patients before you visit our dentist in Ladera Ranch, California. We take patient feedback into serious consideration, and we would love to hear from you after your appointment with Dr. Richard D. Guthrie!

“I have been going to Dr. Guthrie for almost 20 years. He is a pleasure to be around (which we all know is a huge plus when getting your teeth yanked on) and does incredible work. Above all, he is honest and fair. “
– Nathan D.

“I was referred to Dr. Guthrie about 10 years ago by a relative who goes there. I made the drive out to his office all the way from Los Angeles just to be seen by him. From my first visit, to every visit after I kindly was greeted by his receptionist who made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. The hygienist was an educated young lady, who I could tell was gentle by nature. That put my mind at ease being that she was going to be poking around in my mouth. As for Dr. Guthrie, I couldn’t be more happy with him. He thoroughly explained everything that was going on inside my mouth. My previous dentist was very rough when dealing with my bleeding gums, and made me fearful of even going to the dentist. When Guthrie saw me he didn’t keep causing me more pain by intentionally poking harder to try to try and find out how bad things were. He was gentle with his approach and got my mouth back in good order, and also has me looking forward to my next appointment. I have recommended him to many friends who have also enjoyed their experience with him and his staff. I will continue to make the 60 min drive to be seen by him because it is more than worth it! His new office is remarkably beautiful as well!! “
– Max G.

“Dr. Guthrie is friendly, honest, thorough, and his work lasts years longer than most.
-My favorite part about this office is he typically doesn’t refer out for any special work. He does it all himself whether its orthodontics (braces/invisalign), implants, wisdom teeth extraction, etc. And he does it better than specialists, for less expensive.
-Dental cleanings at this office are higher quality than you’d get at a periodontal specialty office. His hygienists are highly skilled, thorough, and friendly 😉 😉
-You never need to worry about over-paying, or getting over-treated. He is conservative and fair, and never pressuring unless he absolutely believes you need something done.
-Hands down best dentist in Orange County! Where ever you live, its worth the drive to have this kind of quality work done.”

– Erin B.

“My family and I have been receiving dental care from Dr.Guthrie for 18 years. Each time my dental experience has been enjoyable and comfortable. Dr.Guthrie is very gentle and has a great bedside manner. Dr.Guthrie is an honest dentist and never recommends treatment that is unnecessary. He is also great with children and those with special needs! Not to mention, he covers a wide variety of dental care including wisdom teeth extractions, implants and orthodontics to name a few. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new dentist!”
– Rebecca D.

“My family and I have been coming to Dr. Guthrie for 15 years and would never go anywhere else. What we love most is that he is conservative and only recommends what is necessary for your oral health. He’s not pushy like a lot of those large clinics that end up overcharging you for things you don’t even need. It is so easy to set up an appointment, and his helpful staff even verifies your insurance prior to your appointment so there are no surprises. The new office in Ladera Ranch is beautiful! You will not be disappointed. No need to look any further for a dentist in Orange County.”
– Olivia C.

“I have been going to Dr.Guthrie for 18 years. He has completed orthodontics and/or dentistry on all 8 of my children and has always been very nice and gentle. My family and I love Dr.Guthrie and I would recommend him to anyone!”
– Lida D.

“I have been living in San Diego for the last 3 years, and have been having a lot of trouble finding an honest dental office since I arrived. It’s been very frustrating. Everyone I tried wanted to tell me I needed expensive services and treatments that I KNEW I didn’t need. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Guthrie, and even though it’s over an hour drive each way for me (when there’s not traffic), I won’t be going anywhere else now that I know this standard of excellent care and skill! His treatment approach is very conservative — he doesn’t recommend treatments I don’t truly need. I appreciate that he can do the things other dentists have sent me to specialists for, like root canals. (But he will do all he can to save a tooth before going the root canal route, I promise!) Just today he did work on a tooth that was the same work I had done on another tooth previously, only Dr. Guthrie’s work was FAR superior. He also had to fix work done elsewhere that didn’t hold up! He is honest, competent, caring, and friendly, and his support staff is the same. I trusted Dr. Guthrie immediately, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who is not only skeptical of dentists but has trust issues to begin with, haha! 😉 I am relieved to have found Dr. Guthrie, and that my search for a TRULY honest and highly skilled dentist is OVER, YAY! Finally. 🙂 “
– Ashley R.

“Most relaxing and open dentist I’ve ever been to. I don’t even live in CA anymore but when I plan visits back home I always have a visit here planned ahead of time because I refuse to go anywhere else. Dr. Guthrie makes you feel relaxed and welcome and his office is kept in excellent and clean condition. He is always willing to work with patients based on their needs to make them as comfortable as possible.”
– Charles S.

“Dr.Guthrie has been my dentist since I was 8 years old. Now I am 25 and I couldn’t be happier with any other dentist on a personal and professional level. “
– Thomas D.

“Dr. Richard Guthrie is great. The office is clean and the office staff provides excellent customer service. They do an excellent job to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. “
– Brian D.

“Dr. Guthrie is honest, highly skilled and uses the latest technology for all his dental equipment. I have been seeing Dr. Guthrie for years now and I can tell you his the best. I have had bad dentists and now I know the difference. If your avoiding a dentist because you are afraid of injections, I can tell you I barely feel his injections. Recently I had a root canal that had to be redone due to it was improperly done by a previous dentist and it got infected. I visited his office without an appointment and within 20 minutes Dr. Guthrie told me what needed to be done. The next day he did the work and said it would be sore for a day then it should be fine. That is exactly what happened. In addition all the dental equipment is state of the art. Dr. Guthrie also has his own lab in his office to make temporary crowns. Thank you for serving the community with your professionalism Dr. Guthrie!”
– Steen L.

“I typically hate going to the dentist. However, though it still isn’t my favorite thing to do, Guthrie and his team make a visit to the dentist a smoother and less painful experience, which is pretty hard to find. Their new office is beautiful and very clean as well.”
– Sarah E.

“Dr. Guthrie has always been extremely helpful and the best dentist I have had.”
– Brad K.

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Guthrie. He is an amazing dentist and truly cares about his patients. My 3 year old daughter recently had a dental emergency after business hours. Dr. Guthrie rushed to meet us in his office on his personal time to treat her. He was so good with her and was able to calm her and give her excellent care despite the fact that she was scared and super traumatized by her injury. After each of her procedures, Dr. Guthrie has personally called me in the evening to check on her. It’s very rare to find a medical professional with such a personal stake in his patients’ well-being. He saved my daughter’s beautiful smile and our family will forever be his grateful, loyal patients! Thank you Dr. Guthrie!!”
– Michaela C.

“Dr. Guthrie has been my dentist for 12 years. I, too, cannot say enough good things about him! There is no better dentist in South Orange County. He has impeccable standards and expects all of his staff members to do top notch work, so you can rest assured that no corners are ever being cut. I know with great confidence that my teeth are clean and well taken care of. He is also extremely trustworthy and is not going to push you into getting dental procedures that are not necessary just so that he can make an extra buck. There was a short period of time where, due to my company’s change in dental insurance providers, I was unable to go to Dr. Guthrie. The other dentist that I went to was horrible! She recommended all sorts of dental work that surprised me. Dr. Guthrie was so kind and gave me a free second opinion, even though I was no longer technically his patient during that brief period of time. As soon as my company switched our dental insurance providers again, I went immediately back to Dr. Guthrie! Anyway…my husband has now been going to Dr. Guthrie for over 5 years and even had Dr. Guthrie manage his orthodontic braces. Soon, my toddler daughter will, too, be going to Dr. Guthrie. He truly is a dentist for the whole family! Another great plus is his awesome new office in Ladera Ranch. It is large, clean, beautifully-decorated, and, most importantly, has top-of-the-line equipment. He’s used electronic medical records as long as I’ve gone to him (no antiquated paper charts!). Seriously – don’t even bother researching other dentists. Just make an appt. with Dr. Guthrie! You’ll be glad you did!”
– Carrie C.

“Having gone to Dr. Guthrie for about 10 years now for cleanings, fillings, braces and more I can say his office has always been friendly and on time plus knowledgeable.”
– Candi G.