Know What to Do to Keep Your Smile Safe

Building a better smile includes always taking the time to assess what parts of your life can be corrected. Even if you don’t appear to have issues with your oral health care, you may not be doing as good as you could be. Not only could you upgrade your cleaning routines, but they’re probably lifestyle… Read more »

Water Flossers are Useful Tools

Water flossers are a new and improved way to floss your teeth without the hassle of string around your fingers. In fact, many people are now investing in a water flosser because they are easy to use and floss your teeth thoroughly. Your dentist, Dr. with in , , encourages you to floss your teeth… Read more »

Dental Bonding

Are you familiar with the risks associated with dental damage and the cosmetic treatments available to you to restore your smile? Oral accidents and injuries can arise in several different ways, whether it is from microscopic damage or blunt trauma. However, to cosmetically repair your smile, treatments such as dental bonding can be highly effective…. Read more »

Saving Your Smile: Know the Symptoms of a Toothache

Are you aware of the risks associated with a toothache? Many times, individuals are suffering from toothaches and they do not take the proper steps to keep their smile safe, which can lead to further dental damage later on. If you have developed a toothache, it is important that you can recognize the symptoms so… Read more »

How to Clean Complete Dentures

Do you have complete dentures in , ? If so, you need to take good care of them. This is because if you don’t clean and care for them regularly, they can break, become misshapen, and more. So, our dentist, Dr. , encourages you to properly clean and care for your dentures by doing the… Read more »

How Can I Have Smile-Friendly Meals?

Your dentist, Dr. , encourages you to work toward a strong and healthy smile by keeping up on oral hygiene, attending your regular checkups, and having smile-friendly meals regularly. To help you have smile-healthy meals, is happy to give you some tips. It’s best to do the following things while you cook: -Include tooth-healthy foods:… Read more »

What Can You Expect at Your next Dental Visit?

When you come in for your first dental first visit, one of the things we will do is inquire about your full health history. For follow-up visits, you can let us know if anything has changed so we can make sure your oral health is on track. Whenever you come in for a cleaning appointment,… Read more »

Avoiding Poor Dental Habits Can Help Your Smile Last a Lifetime

A healthy and beautiful smile enhances your life in numerous ways, and the average dental patient is pretty handy at effective oral care. However, many patients have poor dental habits that they may not know pose a risk to their teeth. To help your natural smile last a lifetime, we discourage these three harmful dental… Read more »

Want to Give a Dental Gift This Christmas? Here Are Some Ideas

If you’re interested in giving the gift of a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile this Christmas, then our dentist, Dr. , has some fun and exciting gift ideas for you! In addition to using toothbrushes, toothpaste, and sugar-free gum as stocking stuffers, you can give the following gifts to your loved ones: -An electric toothbrush:… Read more »

Inlay or Onlay Substitution for Dental Fillings

If you have an extensive fracture or severely decayed tooth that a restoration would then compromise the structural integrity of the tooth, check out todays’ blog. See when the dentist may recommend an inlay or onlay to substitute dental fillings. What is an Inlay? A dental inlay is typically what is referred to as an… Read more »