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Water flossers are a new and improved way to floss your teeth without the hassle of string around your fingers. In fact, many people are now investing in a water flosser because they are easy to use and floss your teeth thoroughly.

Your dentist, Dr. Richard D. Guthrie with Mission Ranch Dental Aesthetics in Ladera Ranch, California, encourages you to floss your teeth each day. There are many ways to floss, and if traditional floss is hard for you, then perhaps a water flosser is right for you!

Here is some useful information on water flossers:

-Are you struggling with dental floss? Why not switch to a water flosser?

-Water flossers do not use pieces of thread. Instead, jets of water are shot out to clean between teeth.

-Do you have a dental bridge, dentures, dental crowns or orthodontic aligners in your mouth? If you do, water flossers can clean out your mouth more effectively than pieces of thread might.

-No thread means no mess. All you have to deal with regarding water flossers is water.

-Did you know that water flossers can lower your risk for several oral health issues and problems such as gum disease? It’s true!

-It has been proven that water flossers are just as capable of cleaning out between your teeth as dental floss is.

As you can see, water flossers can be effective at flossing your teeth in a simple, fresh way through the use of water. If you have questions about your oral health, or need a dental cleaning, our team is a phone call away! Please call us at 949-388-6325 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you.