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Do you know what dental bonding is? Do you know of the effects that dental bonding can have on your teeth? Dental bonding is a form of tooth restoration and cosmetic dentistry that can improve the look and safety of your teeth. Dental bonding treatments use resin and porcelain materials to improve your smile by covering problematic areas with a tooth.

Dental bonding treatments are also highly effective for treating malocclusions and alignment issues that may exist with your teeth, particularly spacing issues. In some cases, dental bonding can be used in lieu of orthodontic treatments to correct your smile.

When there is a hole in a tooth, a cavity can form, which must be filled in immediately to prevent further damage to a tooth. Dental bonding therapy can even be used to correct cavities. Whereas dental amalgams have metallic look, dental bonding treatments can improve the look of your teeth with a tooth-colored filling that is both aesthetically beautiful and effective. Dental bonding is also highly effective, with a single treatment that could last over a decade.

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