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If you have the symptoms of gum disease, which are constant bad breath or red, swollen, or receding gums, it’s very important to visit your dentist, Dr. Richard D. Guthrie, and receive treatment right away. Gum disease is a serious and dangerous dental issue that attacks your smile and alters your oral health, resulting in loose and lost teeth if it’s ignored. There are many different treatments available that can help eliminate this disease, and one treatment is scaling and root planing.

To help you know more about this beneficial dental treatment that can restore your oral health and save your smile, our Mission Ranch Dental Aesthetics dental team has provided the following information for you:

The reasons for treatment

Gum disease begins with plaque growth on your smile and it could potentially end with bone deterioration and tooth loss if it is left untreated, which is why scaling and root planing is so beneficial. When you have gum disease, the plaque on your teeth begins to irritate your gums, making them move away from the teeth to create pockets. Then, bacteria, plaque, and other harmful particles gather in those pockets, infecting the area and altering your oral health. If these pockets are not cleaned on a regular basis, major problems could occur.

The process of scaling and root planing

The process of this treatment involves two parts: the scaling and the root planing. The scaling involves your dentist removing the plaque and tartar from above and below the gumline. Dr. Richard D. Guthrie will make sure to clean every spot that could be harboring harmful particles. Then, he will start the root planing, which is a process that involves smoothing the surfaces of your tooth roots so the gums can reattach once again. This treatment might require a couple of visits, and your dentist will more than likely give you a local anesthetic to help you through the appointments.

Aftercare tips

The recovery period is very important, which is why we strongly recommend taking the medications or using the oral rinse that your doctor prescribes to you. You don’t want to increase your chances of infecting the gum pockets once again. In addition to the prescribed medication, your dentist will also insert medication into the pockets during the treatment to promote healing. This will help relieve the swollen, tender, and bleeding gums you might experience after the treatment.

As you can see, this treatment can be very beneficial in many ways and it can wash the harmful substances away from your smile. So, if you think you might be a victim of gum disease in Ladera Ranch, California, please call our office as soon as possible and schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Richard D. Guthrie. We are happy to help you restore your oral health with a scaling and root planing treatment!