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Your dentist, Dr. Richard D. Guthrie, encourages you to work toward a strong and healthy smile by keeping up on oral hygiene, attending your regular checkups, and having smile-friendly meals regularly. To help you have smile-healthy meals, he is happy to give you some tips. It’s best to do the following things while you cook:

-Include tooth-healthy foods: These foods include protein, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. These things can strengthen the teeth and even clean them! In fact, apples are known to remove plaque when you bite into them.

-Avoid sugary and acidic foods: This is best because sugary and acidic foods and drinks can cause dental issues. This is because the sugar and acid attack the teeth and promote tooth decay and enamel erosion.

-Drink healthy beverages with your meal: These beverages are things like milk and water. It’s best to avoid soda, acidic fruit juices, and sugary and acidic beverages so you don’t expose your teeth to substances that cause dental problems.

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