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A frequent habit of tooth grinding is not uncommon for some patients, especially if they are angry or feeling a lot of stress. However, in some cases, patients may not be aware that they are grinding their teeth because it can occur at night during their periods of sleep. This is called bruxism, and many cases are not serious, especially for younger children.

If you frequently struggle with teeth grinding, you can visit our office for an oral night guard to protect your smile during sleep. Indicators that you have a problem with tooth grinding can include feeling a headache, sore jaw or toothache when you wake up in the morning.

Dr. Richard D. Guthrie can determine if you need to wear a night guard during sleep. You can purchase stock night guards over the counter, which you fit to your smile by boiling the appliance and then biting into after it has cooled a little. For a custom night guard that is of a higher quality and can more comfortably fit your mouth, contact our Dentist. We offer night guards that are professionally created in a dental lab.

Night guards are one of many treatments for bruxism. To learn more about addressing bruxism and whether you should receive a night guard in Ladera Ranch, California, contact Mission Ranch Dental Aesthetics at 949-388-6325 for a consultation today!