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Often when we get something new, we need time to adjust to it. The story is much the same with dentures. If you feel some of the following sensations immediately after getting dentures, there is no need to feel discouraged. They may just be a sign that your mouth is adjusting to the new comers.

You may feel that the dentures are bit big. This can be especially felt by your tongue, which may feel like it is being crowded. These feelings should dissipate as you become more familiar with your new teeth.

The dentures may also feel loose. Your tongue and cheek are often helpful in holding the dentures onto your gums, but if the dentures do not feel like they are not fitting tightly, the problem could be that the tongue and cheek have not yet figured out how to hold them securely. Once your mouth becomes accustomed to the changes, the dentures should feel more secure.

Having dentures can take some getting used to, but they can feel more and more comfortable as you wear them. If the dentures continue to feel like they do not fit well, feel free to come back and visit us here at Mission Ranch Dental Aesthetics in Ladera Ranch, California. Our Dentist, Dr. Richard D. Guthrie, can help you get to the bottom of the issue and make sure you have dentures that fit. If you would like to get dentures, please call 949-388-6325, and we will be happy to give you more information about them.