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Are you a victim of bruxism? Often going undetected, bruxism is the result of grinding and gnashing your teeth, often while unconscious. One common sign of bruxism is snoring. Ask your sleeping partner or roommate if they have ever noticed that you snore or grind your teeth while you sleep. However, just because you snore does not mean you have bruxism.

Another cause of bruxism is stress. Stress plays a heavy role in many disorders within our bodies, and our oral health is no different. The stress and anxiety caused by life’s worries or other environmental factors can increase your risk for bruxism. Grinding your teeth should always be looked at as a serious condition that needs to be corrected before it causes more problems. If you struggle with stress, meditative techniques such as yoga and biofeedback may help.

Look for physical damage to your teeth that cannot be explained. Are your teeth shorter than they used to be? Do they look flat or dull? Are there any new chips or cracks in your teeth that you cannot remember getting? Do your teeth look wobbly and feel extra sensitive? All of these are signs that you could be grinding your teeth as you sleep.

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