In addition to traditional braces, Dr. Richard D. Guthrie also offers clear aligner therapy. Dr. Guthrie is a preferred Even28 Clear Aligners® provider in Ladera Ranch, California. Most mild-to-moderate orthodontic conditions such as overbites, open bites, teeth crowding, gap teeth and orthodontic relapse cases can be fixed using Even28 Clear Aligners instead of braces. Clear aligners offer a more convenient way to straighten your smile. Straightening your teeth with clear aligners is less painful than wearing braces. Also, clear aligners are less noticeable in your mouth as compared to braces. Finally, clear aligners can be removed to clean your teeth whereas braces are permanently stuck to your teeth making it difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Dr. Richard D. Guthrie offers both Even28 at-home™ and Even28 at-dentist™. Even28 at-home is a clear aligner program similar to Smile Direct and other at home aligner systems. However, with Even28 at-home you begin your orthodontic treatment at the comfort and safety of our dental office in Ladera Ranch, California. Dr. Guthrie will examine your teeth to determine if you are an eligible candidate for Even28 at-home. If you qualify, Dr. Guthrie will take your impressions, design your clear aligner program and get you started with your new and improved smile right away. Even28 at-home is the same price as do-it-yourself clear aligner programs but without the dangers and risks of unsupervised orthodontic treatment. You start your clear aligner treatment with our Dentist and have full access to us throughout the entire course of your program. To learn more about Even28 at-home, click here.

The other clear aligner program that Mission Ranch Dental Aesthetics can offer is Even28 at-dentist. This program is a clear aligner system designed to treat cases too complicated for at-home aligners but can still be treated with clear aligners instead of braces. Severe teeth crowding, large overbites and open bites are best treated under dentist supervision with Even28 at-dentist. Dr. Guthrie will monitor your clear aligner therapy to ensure the successful outcome of your treatment. To learn more about Even28 at-dentist, click here. Interested in learning more? To view Dr. Richard Guthrie’s Even28 Clear Aligners practice profile page, click here.