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When one of your teeth is lost to an untreated cavity or an accident, tt can affect how your mouth functions and can also affect the quality of your life. Even if you learn to live with the decreased ability to chew, the space in your mouth can change your appearance, cause you to slur your speech, and eventually lead to complications with the alignment of the nearby teeth.

One of the most effective treatments for replacing a missing tooth is to have Dr. Richard D. Guthrie give you a dental bridge. This might also involve extracting any of the tooth’s remaining root structure.

The restoration process starts with Dr. Guthrie forming abutments out of the two closest teeth. To do this he uses a drill to remove the tooth enamel layer from each tooth. Then he will cast an impression of the area.

The impression will be sent to a dental lab where the bridge will be created. Dr. Guthrie will secure a temporary crown over each of the abutments. This will keep them safe while the lab technicians create your bridgework.

When the bridge is ready, a member of Dr. Guthrie’s staff will have you come back so the bridge can be cemented into place with a strong dental adhesive.

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